Business Partnership

Occasions PR & Marketing Limited

Besides the existing marketing business, DN also holds Occasions PR & Marketing Limited, a recognized PR agency which specializes in promoting world-famous premium brands and manage events of all scales in the region. The linkage between Occasions and DN delivers a unique association; providing clients with professional marketing strategies as well as bringing glamour and showbiz excitement to client promotions. Occasions’ strength in having close relationships with many world-famous Asian celebrities and socialites undoubtedly provides DN’s clients an additional, unmatched dimension in marketing solutions.

Trimaran Corporate Communications

Trimaran Corporate Communications is an one-stop corporate and financial communications agency established to offer the combined expertise across the entire spectrum of her client’s investor relations, transactions and corporate communications needs in the region.

In view of the escalating importance of corporate governance and transparency, Trimaran's investor relations programmes are designed to help clients understand, enhance and manage the perception of their companies in the eyes of their critical audiences. From strategic counseling, expert guidance to implementation support on all critical communications issues, our goal is to effectively communicate the client's messages and to maximise the public awareness and exposure of the company. Trimaran is in a league of its own, because she understand that such crucial elements are keys to success in the highly competitive arena. Trimaran focuses on delivering measurable business results to clients that exceed expectations and has established an enviable reputation among the ever-expanding clientele through word-of-mouth referrals and testimonials of our insightful strategies and professionalism across various industries.