Corporate Overview


China, the most important recent inductee to the World Trade Organization, has made impressive progress in the past 20 years in respect of its economic development. With the establishment of CEPA between Hong Kong / Macau and the Mainland, access for goods and services to China will be facilitated. Not to be underestimated is the impact of tourism – it is no surprise that the WTO has identified China as one of the world’s 15 most popular tourist destinations – growing towards being the top by 2020. This growth will not just provide an influx of visitors – it will provide a platform for business opportunities and other activities, such as marketing and communications.

With extensive experience in both Hong Kong and Macau, Destinations Network (DN) provides integrated marketing services and MICE services to achieve our clients' objectives. Combining innovation, peerless expertise and extensive experience with unparalleled connections with the region's media, Destinations Network is a major force in the industry.

With the vision of expanding our business and scope of services to cover the major cities of China, Shanghai Destinations Network was set up in Shanghai in 2004, to serve both local and international companies, thereby delivering a new benchmark in events marketing in Greater China.

Shanghai Destinations Network (SDN)

Shanghai – Tomorrow's Events Hub for Greater China

Shanghai is rapidly becoming an internationally oriented economic centre of significance in China. With this advancing internationalization - in terms of its capacity in trade, cargo handling, financial markets and attractions for regional headquarters activities - Shanghai will inevitably become a point of business focus in the region.

After many years of development, Shanghai has successfully reshaped itself from a traditional manufacturing-based city to a modern business centre and China has also become the location of first choice for many international conferences and exhibitions. The government itself also recognizes that these international events; not only do these bring in visitors from overseas, but also demonstrate China's capabilities to the rest of the world in hosting large-scale events.

SDN – Your Point-to-Point Events Specialist

It is against this backdrop that SDN was set up, with its unparalleled expertise now able to directly serve the increasing demand for quality MICE management and marketing, for both local and multi-national companies in Shanghai and throughout the rest of China.

Our comprehensive scope of service covers the full gamut of aspects with regards to a specific event - from the initial planning stage to the marketing and actual execution and operation of the event.

Macau Destinations Network (MDN)

Macau – Round-the-clock entertainment in Asia

Tourism and gaming are the two principal drivers of Macau's recent economic prosperity. In average, around 30 million tourists visiting the enclave every year.

MDN – A Wealth of Experience

The unparalleled specialist expertise of MDN with respect for Macau led to its establishment in the former colony. Since 1997, DN has been responsible for formulating and implementing all the marketing activities of the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and the Sociedade de Turismo e Diversoes de Macao (STDM), resulting in a dramatic observed increase in the number of tourists from Hong Kong to Macau. Working closely with clients in many industry sectors throughout the years, DN has built a strong network and track record in Macau.